Group says Iowa doing better in tobacco prevention spending

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Source:Radio Iowa,2008-01-15
The "Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids" says its national survey shows Iowa is one of the most improved states in funding programs to protect kids from tobacco. Aaron Doeppers, the midwest director of the organization, says Iowa ranks 18th in the country, which he says puts the state well toward the top and is a big improvement from 2006 when the state ranked in the middle.

Doeppers says the rankings are based on federal guidelines. He says they look at the amount of tobacco prevention spending recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and says Iowa spends almost two-thirds of the minimum amount recommended.

Iowa spends 12.3 million dollars a year on tobacco prevention programs, which is just over 63% of the minimum amount recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Doeppers says the amount spent is important, as tobacco companies spent 176-million dollars a year on marketing in Iowa.

Doeppers says the minimum spending is based on programs that work. He says Iowa has show significant success with the programs the state is running. Iowa ranked 25th in spending last year, putting six-point-five million dollars toward tobacco prevention, and doubled that spending this year in part due to new revenue generated by dollar increase in the cigarette tax that took effect April 1.

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